Why is My Internet So Slow - Answers and Fixes

It is an age old question we've all asked ourselves: Why is my internet so slow.

Sometimes this question springs up out of nowhere, whether you are traveling away from home or are sitting in your living room.

To solve this question, we turned to the experts at HighSpeedExperts.com, these guys know everything about internet speeds and have done extensive comparisons of different providers and their services.

Connection Speed

Well internet speed all has to do with how fast your connection is. To test your connection you can use sites like speedtest.net or even your states' speedtest.

Choosing the Right Providers in your area

The fastest providers in the nation are currently based on Fiber Optics. While all fiber optic networks are not the same, what you need to know is that the closer the fiber optics are to your premises the better. For example, Verizon FiOS's network leads their fiber optics directly to your home, where Comcast cable merely delivers it to the node. As you can imagine this results in a much bigger difference in speed. Take for example Gigaom, calling out Time Warner Cable for advertising it's fiber rollout, more things like this need to happen so that users are aware of what is actually going on. If I lived in NYC, I would go with Verizon FiOS for my provider any day over TWC.

Your home Network

OK, enough about providers. Let's assume that you have a great connection with a solid provider. What should you do then? If your connection is strong but your internet is still slow, you need to look at your home network. If you are using the company provided hardware and are stuck, make sure to google your problems like this "Uverse Problems". More often than not if you are having problems you might not be the old only.


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